The Princess of Lemon Koolaid (lokisoup) wrote,
The Princess of Lemon Koolaid

Loki's Regret [Post-Avengers]

Gods don't show regret.

They don't allow themselves to be taken prisoner or looked upon in shame and mockery, and they don't ever show weakness. Weakness is one of those mortal concepts that is below the gods, it's just like sentiment, it's completely worthless. Damned mortals and their filthy sentiments. Damn them all, because they were supposed to kneel before their king. Their god. But that never happened, did it? No, instead he's here, tied up in a mockery of himself and his people. He's ashamed of it all, he wants his life back, but he can't have it because he was the one to fuck it all up.

And truly, if these emotions are so mortal, then why does he feel this pain?

He regrets killing the man. He regrets going up to the purest soul on that aircraft and murdering him in cold blood. He can't even remember the man's name, but wishes he could, just so he can apologize.

But he can't apologize, because Phil Coulson is dead.

That was the man's name. He remembers now, and he despises himself for it. Damn that man. Damn himself.

Maybe he has some misconceptions about gods. Maybe they're allowed to have feelings and be happy. Or maybe he's just wrong. Maybe he's not even a god. What if he wasn't any different from the Midgard filth? No, not filth, people.

Damn himself for feeling such sentiment.

Damn himself, and damn it all.

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