The Princess of Lemon Koolaid (lokisoup) wrote,
The Princess of Lemon Koolaid

Cemeteries Of London

Based closely on the song by Coldplay.

At night, they would go out and walk down the streets of London while the mortals slept. Ghosts in the alleyways, simpleminded souls, wandered to seek rest for eternity, even though that rest was not to be found. They would walk until daybreak, when they would finally fall to rest during the reign of the sun. The streets are dark and merciless; the night over London rings each night with the sound of lost souls weeping.

Save the night for your tears; perhaps they will hear you.

My sister and I rode down to the river one night, alone with the spirits of London. The two of us, wandering out alone when all of the children of the city slept innocently in their beds, walked down to where they cried out for us.

We heard them calling out with sorrow and pain, begging us to break their curses. They toiled and strained, but God was in their curse, and he was naught but a tool for them to blame.

We hid under the arches of the old bridge, watching as the mist swirled around us, calling out to us as they had before, moaning under the weight of their curse and yearning to be put to rest.

Witches were there, saying, “there are ghost towns in the ocean.” They watched the mist draw towards us in a slow, mystical dance; we heard the cries of the lost spirits, just my sister and I, and we heard their voices.

We did not know, as two girls who were practically children, what the witches meant, but we were not ignorant of their message. We could see in their faces how wise they were, and so we held it in our hearts, as if to say that we were smart enough to realize that they were far wiser than we were.

The night over London rang with the sound of her lost souls weeping.

In that moment, I felt God all around me. I felt him in the houses, far from the suffering of these lost spirits, slithering like snake in the night. Then he was in my head, and I felt him, and I saw all the cemeteries of London displayed before me like a puzzle that I was supposed to solve all on my own.

That night, after my sister and I had returned home, I saw him from my balcony. He appeared as a snake in my garden and he spoke. I do not know what he said, though, because my heart was not open to him. I closed him out, like one would a demon, and I returned to my bedchambers.

The morning may have come, and high into the sky did the sun rise, but there was no light over London that day.

Tags: coldplay, flash fiction, one-shot, songfic
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