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Premier League Team Characters

Premier League Team Characters

Details: All of them except for Reading, Southampton, and Sunderland are girls. This is only because most of these characters were designed back when I wanted them all to be girls, and it was going to be a weird Hetalia fanfiction where Alfred (England) had to babysit them. After I began fleshing out their characters, I decided I didn't want it to be a fanfiction, because then they wouldn't be able to develop as well as characters as they would if they stood on their own as a separate entity.

Liverpool - Olivia Flannery Gerrard
QPR - Jamie Olwen Clement
Chelsea - Chelsea Leona Stamford
Fulham - Livna Miriam Craven
Arsenal - Natasha Agrona Highbury
Villa - Kiara Leone Villa-Claret
Reading - Clarence Clancy Madejski
West Ham - Lina Tinuviel Boleyn
Southampton - Cassius Leander Nereus
Man Utd - Regan Shani Trafford
Man City - Meredith Cassiopeia Griffin
Spurs - Lily Deryn Hart
Norwich - Carlie Linnet Grant
Newcastle - Maggie Luana St. James
WBA - Christina Sarika Hawthorne
Sunderland - Lucius Conall Roker
Stoke - Victoria Robin Potter-Trent
Wigan - Leta Chiyoko Springfield
Everton - Dixie Sini Goodison
Swansea - Jacqueline Odette Liberty
Tags: character design, football, original fiction, premier league
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