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Caoimhe and Evander - First Draft

Draft. Idk. She's a goddess and he's a human. My end story is like completely different from this. Sigh.

A figure stood outside a worn-down stone building, its body concealed by the black cloak wrapped around its slender body. Looking at the figure as it waited revealed that it was more than likely a woman, made obvious by the way she held herself and the slight traces of her feminine figure that showed even as the cloak fell loosely around her. The building she stood next to was worn and old, the stone dating back almost to the ages of the first temples, but the roof was very well-kept and the door was crafted with the most ornate of materials available. The sign on the wall read ‘apothecary’ and the window was filled with jars of unimaginable substances. The woman in black standing by the window waited, no impatience showing through her mask; there was no squirming, no anxious pacing, just the calm sound of breathing from behind the fabric. The night seemed to radiate towards her, and even the stars seemed to twinkle in rhythm with the sound of her breathing and the patterns of her occasional movement.

The door swung open carefully and a second figure appeared in the doorway, also cloaked in the same garb the woman was wearing. His hood was not pulled over his head, revealing his obvious gender, his hair was a brilliant white that fell only long enough to cover his cheekbones, and his eyes were a piercing but almost translucent maroon, likely the result of albinism. He nodded, signaling the woman into the building, and she followed him inside where he led her to a table. A third man was waiting there, dressed in the attire of a normal merchant or shopkeeper. He appeared to be quite old, much older than the other male in the room, with a kind and loving face. He bowed respectfully to the woman, and she smiled, stepping forward to give the man a hug. As she did it, the hood of her cloak fell to her shoulders and revealed shoulder-length white hair and white eyes, her entire being twinkling like the stars and the moon. Quite obviously, the woman was not human, but both of the men seemed unphased by it.

“Caoimhe,” the younger of the two men whispered. “You look beautiful.” The woman smiled and threw her arms around him; he returned the gesture, whispering words of endearment into her ears.

“Business,” she said aloud. “I must remember to stay business-oriented.” The old man chuckled at their antics, and the two lovers sighed.

“Yes, business,” the younger man said. “Nahuel, do you have the things we requested?”

The older man nodded. “Yes, in the back. Do follow me.”

Taking his lover’s hand, the younger man followed the old man--Nahuel--into the back room, where the old man lifted a tray from the counter and placed it on the operating table. The tray was old and rusty and covered completely in rows of well-preserved eyeballs.

“Are these sufficient, my goddess?” Nahuel said to Caoimhe. “I would hope one pair of these are sufficient for your needs.”

Caoimhe looked over the eyes happily. “Yes, yes, of course, these will do.” She turned to her lover. “Evander, which pair do you like best?”

He pointed to a pair of beautiful round eyes with golden pupils. Caoimhe picked one up and studied it carefully, then nodded and put it back down.

“Yes, these eyes are sufficient for Evander’s needs,” she said. “We’ll take these two. What do we owe you, Nahuel?” As Nahuel began to protest, she shook her head and handed him a beautiful piece of cloth from beneath her coat.

“Oh, you wonderful goddess, I cannot accept this gift from you. You are the goddess of the night lights, how can I?”

“Your country accepts this cloth as a form of currency, no?” she said. Nahuel nodded, seeing her adamance and realizing that an argument would be quite fruitless.

Evander wrapped an arm around the goddess. “Caoimhe,” he said. “Does this ritual need to be done at the temple?”

She shook her head. “We can do it here. I have our lockets.”

"What are you doing, if I may ask, my lady?” Nahuel said. “Some sort of goddess charm?”

“Aelius, the day goddess,” she responded. “She does not approve of this relationship between Evander and myself. These lockets will protect him from any harm that she or anyone else tries to inflict upon him, because he will carry with him the power of a goddess.”

“And the eyes?” he asked inquisitively.

“The eyes go into the lockets, hence their strange and round shape. In addition to protection, the eyes will give me the ability to sense him, and through that I will be able to protect him if anyone dangerous even comes close.”

“I’m only human,” Evander said disappointedly. “Only a human, and she is a goddess.”

She unlatched one of the two chains from her neck and handed it to Evander, the locket hanging at the bottom of the chain. He took it and opened it, looking at its strange shape curiously. She picked the eye up and fit it into his locket, and then did the same with her own, as it still hung around her neck.

“And this is all I need to be safe from Aelius?” he whispered. She nodded and wrapped her arms around him.

“It’s all you need, Evander.” Her voice was steady and certain. “I love you. This is all we need.”

He kissed her, gently at first, then more passionately, and with all the strength of a deity she transported both of them to the top of her temple. Evander jumped at the sudden change in environment, but Caoimhe just smirked.

“We’re at your temple,” he pointed out blandly. “Why?”

“I felt like a change of pace,” she said. “What’s more interesting than the place where people are sacrificed for me?”

“You’re the strangest goddess I’ve ever met,” he said. “Then again, I’ve only met a few. Are there any deities stranger than you are?”

“Quite a few,” she admitted. “But I like to think I’m the best.” She sat down on the altar and stared up at him.

“I believe that to be true,” Evander said. “But get off that altar, that’s holy ground you’re sitting on.”

“It’s my temple,” she said. “Now, come here.” She motioned for him, and he bit his lip anxiously.

“I refuse to ravage you on the altar of the temple, Caoimhe, do not be vulgar.”

“You’re no fun,” she pouted. “Can we sacrifice people tomorrow?”

He rolled his eyes. “Are you into that?”

“Of course I am!” she exclaimed. “That’s so cool, sacrificing for me like that. It makes me feel special, kinda fuzzy inside. In the afterlife, they all end up coming to live in Paradise with me anyways, and that’s just what they want, so good for noble volunteers!”

Evander pulled her to her feet and kissed her again, then pulled her into a hug.

“You’re strange,” he whispered, and she giggled.

“Oh, I know."

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